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Cessnock High School Ride2School map Members of the public as well as school students on their way to school were also WELCOMED! Eventpage

Dear HighSchool Student cum Artist/Activist/Entrepreneur,

We’re looking for talent like yours that can create a compelling digital message promoting 

healthy lifestyle choices -or- bicycle safety.

Send your A4 sized jpg or pdf file to [email protected]. Best entries win prizes! But that’s only the start. Two budding stars will be offered stints as

HUNTERHealthy!Happening! Development Cadets.

They will meet and work with the Hunter’s movers & shakers, learn new skills and help develop a brand to promote social and economic renewal in the Hunter Valley using HEALTH as the driving value. 

Use the downloadable logo here on http://abernethyhealthylifestyle.webs.com/. Take some great photos. Try some digital editting (eg “Pixlr EDITOR” – a free download from the appstore). Hand-crafted works are also eligible as CYCOS will submit entries if they are left with staff there and labelled "HHH" & with your name and contact details.

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