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REMINDER - Make sure your bicycle is safe. 

    Dave Canning 

    Bike Trax 47 Vincent St  Cessnock 

    Phone 49901271 for an appointment or just drop in.

2016 Bike Week "Ride2School" event was run by Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation with assistance from Lions of Cessnock and Abernethy Healthy Lifestyle Association at  the site of Cessnock City Council's "A Metre Matters" sign opposite Mount View High School on Tuesday 20 September. The highlight of the morning (apart from the sausages) had to be the didgeridoo playing by Maurie Perry and smoke ceremony heralding the good news of WNAC's involvement with the development of MTB trails in Cessnock. WNAC released their first Bike Week pamphlet seeking interest in collaborative participation by Cessnock's entrepreneurs and ensured the watermelon reminded people of the importance of helmet riding...

Pit2Pit Muddy MTB Class Roam

2014 Event

2015 Event : featured in the  Cessnock Advertiser published 14 Oct 2015.

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2016 Pit2Pit Muddy MTB Class Roam was run by Kearsley PS with help from school parents/AHLA members. 
What a muddy affair THAT was! Check out KearsleyPS's facebook page (that currently -21/10/16- also shows the Wonnarua Learning Circle they recently took delivery of).
Everyone is looking forward to the additional Wonnarua content in 2017's Pit2Pit Muddy MTB CLass Roam...

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